Benefits of Using Us

Flexible Schedule

Confirmation and an on-time response.     

Highly Trained Cleaning Crew 

We invest a lot of time and effort in ensuring all crew members are fully trained.  We'll have an initial orientation with SDS training.  On every site, we train on safety and quality control as a way of reiterating our standards to our cleaning crew staff.  For specialized training, we offer certificate programs in lift operations, floor care, etc. 

Seasoned Management

Expertise in Wage Decision, Hazmat, OSHA, Certified Payroll, Job Cost and Quality Control. Keeping Daily Records, and Oversight.  Those areas of expertise that have kept SNC a strong contender in our industry since 2004.  Additionally, we implement a Zero Harm Policy and Quality Control functions that are in place.  

Daily Reporting / Tracking

It is our duty to provide daily reporting and tracking on all of the cleaning as it is completed.  We believe that if you have information as to our progress, it will enable you to make better management decisions.  This daily communication is a standard operating protocol and comes directly from management in the form of email.

Strong Past Performance

Our past performance includes millions of square feet of cleaning.  Clientele range include:  Small/Large Retail, Schools, Government, Medical/Dental/Hospital/Behavior Health, Hotels, Stadiums, Auto Campuses, State / Municipal / Federal.  SNC is a standout in that we possess Top Secret clearance.  In addition, Federal Background checks are approved with ease.  Check out our projects listing.  All contracts were successfully conducted and you may contact all.  


We will meet your budget without compromising service.  Our smart techniques and logical approaches give us the upper hand in delivering a high standard of cleaning within your budget.  Through our diligent training and strong management, we stay a step ahead of the rest.  SNC operates as a lean company.

Green Certified Chemicals for Gold/Silver Buildings

We offer "green" certified cleaning chemicals as they are required.  Cleaning Chemicals, GS-37/Commercial Cleaners, GS - 40/Floor Care Products, GS - 41/ Hand Cleaners, GS - 42/Commercial Cleaning Services, Washington, DC