Who we are

SNC is a Woman Owned Small Business.

We have been in business since 2004 successfully and plan to grow and develop our business for years to come. The Owners/Managers have not changed since the company was founded in April 2004. Indeed, we are committed to the cause.

Our cleaning crews get ongoing training, and we stay up on new technology. If we can promote faster ways to carry out our quality cleaning services, we can pass those savings on to you. When we come out to your facility we are ready to work and have a plan in place. All crew members understand what their tasks are before entering the facility.

When it comes to specialized cleaning needs, SNC stands at the top tier of performance and expertise. In cleaning hard floors such as Stone, Concrete, VCT, or LVT we know exactly how to clean and treat those floors. Our floor crew has been fully trained to use equipment such as buffer, auto scrubber, etc. In addition, our window cleaning crew is certified to be on a lift through approved certificate programs. We can handle tint with care and ease. In addition, the frames that may need special care are handled with the same diligence and professionalism you expect.

SNC crews, specialized personnel, and management are fully integrated from scheduling to processes. We will be on the same page and work hard to achieve the kind of success that your company deserves. Our nightly inspections are always prepared for our clients to review and for all SNC staff to reference.

Our two tier management plan has proven to provide the kind of service our clients really appreciate. When the work is getting completed, the supervisor of the crew and management walk and inspect the building with a checklist and inspection sheet in hand. We can assure you that our management will be detailed and thorough in getting the results you are looking for. Before the client is aware, we have remedied most all situations. For example, in working with SI International we created a daily task order and we fully implemented that plan daily. Our crews complete each daily task and initial when complete. That tells our supervisor that the work is ready for checking. In addition, at the end of the day we conduct a walk-through to be sure all is completed with precision. This is just one example but the list is long of satisfied clients.

Lastly, we are in tune with the future of where the industry is going and where we need to be on the technical end of things. We're sure that we can handle any task that comes our way and work together with you as a partner.  

What we do


During our Phase-in, we evaluate the scope and create a schedule and action plan. We'll setup a staging area in which we conduct our mobilizations.  We will have assigned the best crew members for each task in matching up strengths with tasks. Our supervision will always work hard toward the same goals that we have in place and on a detailed timeline for completion. Again, we always come prepared to work with the crew members ready to hit the ground running. We don't waste time and we've never missed a deadline. Since we already know and understand what needs to happen and the floor plan, we feel we can offer the best service for your facility.  During our phase-in, we've created a starting and exiting point and have discussed the plan with our crew so that we are cohesive in our delivery. 


We have a strong management team that has extensive experience in managing, accounting, budgeting and integration. It is important for SNC to have the kind of management that knows how to get the results...and quickly. In the field of clean up there is no time to rethink the processes and procedures. We have already tested our processes and our management team is well capable to carry them out. Having strong management keeps SNC on task at all times to assure timelines are met and services remain cost-effective.


Integrating between our Client and Our Supervisors, Crew and Specialty personnel is our main forte. If we see something that is out of place, we move to make the building look good, or get with the client for feedback. If there is a hallway that needs steam cleaning, we will quickly remedy. In addition, our supervisors walk through the facility and inspect nightly to assure our valued client is well taken care of. Our great strength is management that enables us to get the job done and done right the first time! 


We at SNC feel that if you provide a solid foundation, a company can succeed and grow with professionalism. Our company prides itself on being prepared. For example, if there is an emergency and it requires a team to perform beyond the call of duty. Our response time for emergencies is immediate. We always have an emergency crew member on standby that is cross-trained in all areas of cleaning, maintenance, and other emergencies that may arise.

Time Management Reporting

Additionally, SNC management will comply with the payroll reporting necessary. In doing so, once the contract is approved, SNC will mount a time clock in the SNC Trailer. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly recap reports will print out simply. Whenever the project manager is interested in hours vested, we'll provide that with a simple click of that time recap. We'll prepare certified payroll for Federal or Union jobs. With our extensive experience, we offer the best in new construction clean up.

Quality Control

SNC has taken quality control very seriously since we began to work and operate. In fact, we have enhanced our program over the years. Currently, we have tested and implemented a quality control program that is designed for success for any building large or small. When we work on a job daily, we have a task list. At the end of the night, our managers inspect clean up.   Then, we use and deficiency as an opportunity to train our crew members.  We call that our "inspect & correct" process.  That assures our valued clients that the work is done and done right.

Our policies and procedures are very detailed and provide timelines for each task broken down by square feet. The supervisor on site is responsible for the tasks and procedures to be done in a cost effective, time management perspective but at the same time offering the best quality available. We have taken quality to the next level.  

Each job will have a checklist coming straight from the scope of work and any other source documents proposed. That checklist will have all the details for each area. These checklists add "value" to our client.  

We do not leave any part of the procedure to the imagination. In fact, while on the job the supervisor and manager will follow the crew to be sure that everything is carried out as planned in our phase in throughout completion.




A seasoned senior management staff

With management and supervisors overseeing all tasks with a 2-tier management program, we are sure to exceed all expectations.  Management is a vital roll of all jobs that bring unique information to the table on the job and off.  Our top managers have experience in Federal, Commercial, Medical, Technological and other major industries. Management will handle any compliance and administrative reporting tasks with ease.  Our management will handle all Certified Payroll Reporting, Cost Reporting, and Oversight of the Supervision and overall implementation of Process, Systems, Quality Control and Safety in place. As we meet the needs and even assess the needs with our client, we remain a leader in our industry.  We are building value through strong business relationships that last a lifetime.  With your partnership, we can handle all areas of the facility through utilization of your information and assessment and our vast knowledge and experience.  That makes working with us a Win-Win!

Site Supervision / Competent Person

We inspect and correct ahead of our client adding "value" to our services skilled in business and large scale program management.  Our site personnel are trained to handle any daily task or other task that does arise.  They are trained on troubleshooting when it is needed.

A well-trained and fairly rewarded staff

We have existing solid resources for training that is always being enhanced...Hence an even stronger crew platform.

Smart Process

We have evaluated what we believe to be the most effective way to achieve the large scale projects. Additionally, we have designed our own process response that will be imbedded in our solutions, accurate response to the tasks in the proper order.

Systems and Technology

We have implemented and integrated a work management center and management system, which has been tried and tested in similar environments, that will allow us to manage the cleaning demands and carry out services in a cost-effective manner.

We have existing policy, processes and procedures that enable us to exceed our customers satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and process improvements are the heart of our work ethic. Our response to our customer is designed to meet and exceed the targets for our highly regarded clients, and all affiliates, such as building owners, architects, engineers, and property managers.


We are always following the rules and regulations set forth by OSHA and the EPA. PPE Attire is worn "Every" time. Gloves are used while cleaning. On site, we conduct a daily briefing and carefully complete our job tasks. Safety is #1.  Many times our client has referred to us as the example.